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Simon Chesney explaining osteopathy
Photograph by Simon Weir

Simon Chesney gained a licentiate in Acupuncture in 1987 from the College of Traditional Acupuncture and went on to study at postgraduate level gaining a B.Ac. in 1990.

Acupuncture treatment is increasingly recognised by the medical profession as a viable alternative to many drug treatments but can also be used safely alongside allopathic or conventional treatment.

Acupuncture is used to help normalise the body’s integrity, to strengthen it against dysfunction or disease and despite having its roots in ancient philosophy is applicable to many modern-day diseases.

As well as actually receiving treatment patients are often given advice on necessary lifestyle changes to help in their healing process.

The initial consultation for acupuncture treatment involves a detailed case history and questioning about the condition itself and other bodily functions, in order to build up an understanding of the underlying patterns of the disease, which will vary form individual to individual. Treatment is thus tailored to each patients own needs rather than merely to treat the presenting complaint.

Simon Chesney explaining osteopathy
Photograph by Simon Weir

Treatment consists of insertion of very fine needles into various points around the body and may also include the use of moxibustion whereby a smouldering herb is used to heat the skin (see photo).

While acupuncture cannot be described as painless very few people find the experience more than slightly uncomfortable. Acupuncture needles are far finer than those used for injections for instance.


The number of treatments required to resolve the condition varies from person to person but people usually notice some improvement in their symptoms after four to six sessions. Additionally patients often report an increase in energy and better sleep patterns, both of which indicate that they are gradually becoming healthier.

Good health is not in a medicine cabinet but is a way of life.

Simon Chesney is a member of The British Acupuncture Council.

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